On October 20, 2018, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op will host its 45th Anniversary Celebration from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the Co-op store, located at 2820 R Street in Midtown Sacramento.
Since 1973, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op has connected farmers with eaters and helped establish Sacramento as the Farm to Fork Capital.
To thank the Sacramento community, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op invites everyone to celebrate this achievement, meet local farmers and taste their wares.
Festivities at the Celebration will include:
·        Free Photo Booth 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
·        Front Street Animal Shelter Pet Adoption 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
·        Farmers, Fresh Fruit and Veggies 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
·        Kids Activities 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
·        Co-op Bingo 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
·        Co-operative Community Partners, including Golden 1 and REI
·        Fizzy Fitness with GT’s Kombucha and Fitsom Studios

The Co-op will also host a Harvest Happy Hour from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. at which cider, beer, wine, and snacks will be available. Cost is $15, tickets available at sac.coop and at the door and includes a souvenir glass. At the Harvest Happy Hour, music will be provided by DJ Larry (Flower Vato), a local music star whose music mixes combine vintage R&B, Banghra beat tracks from India, Afrobeat, disco, reggae, funk, and soul. He’ll give a special nod to music from the early 1970s when the Co-op got its start.

In these rather tumultuous and divisive times, it is good to celebrate humanity and the good in people to help those less fortunate. That's why I am interested in the upcoming Festival of Flavors. This event takes place on October 13th in support of Opening Doors.

Our mission is to empower refugees, immigrants, human trafficking survivors, and underserved Sacramento area residents to achieve self-sufficiency by accessing opportunities to mainstream economic and social systems. We do this by providing safe places, skills development, business loans, and connections to community resources, assisting our clients to build financial and personal assets while maintaining their cultural identity and individual goals.
I'm especially interested due to the immigrant and refugee situation. I often think about the Syrian family who took us in for the night when we were traveling through Syria in the 1970s. They fed us and gave us their rooms with such generosity. Now I wonder where they are as Syria has been ripped apart and whole cities and towns have been obliterated. Are they even alive? Together?

This event will feature a diverse group of restaurants and businesses that wish to help in the effort of empowering refugees, immigrants, and survivors of human trafficking.

Centro Cocina Mexicana
Brasserie Capitale
Aioli Bodega Espanola
Tapa the World
Rossi Catering
Pita Kitchen

Purchase your tickets today
Free admission for volunteers. Email us if interested.
$45 for food only.
$60 for food, wine, and beer.

Location: Sierra 2 Center in Curtis Hall
2791 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
* Parking available in lot on 4th Avenue
Mediterranean Market
Tanoor Halal Foods
East Market
East West Foods
Madras Kaveri Indian Cuisine

Delicious food trucks, cocktail booths, live music and workshops for kids lend an ultra fun energy and party vibe to TreasureFest, a monthly flea market where you can score vintage clothing and jewelry from one of the 400+ vendors. Located on Treasure Island, the beautiful views of the city are well worth the trip across the Bay. TreasureFest has great activities for children and is pet-friendly so bring your pooch.
In September, TreasureFest bars will be featuring over a dozen local and craft brews:
Barebottle Brewing-pirate Bae-mint Mojito Cream Ale
Almanac Brewing Vibes Pils-pilsner
Lagunitas Hop Stoopid IPA-IPA
Lagunitas 12th of Never IPA
Elysian Brewing Dayglow IPA
Magnolia Brewing Kalifornia Kolsch
Naughty Otter Lager
Woods Beer(Ti Brewing) Freezepop
Woods Beer(Ti Brewing) Retro Pilsner
Strongbow Cider

- The last full weekend of every month
- Monthly market hosts 400+ local artists, makers, designers, antique collectors, underground food startups, & more.
- 3 Full bars featuring a variety of local wine, craft beers, and seasonal cocktails.
- DIY community workshops & carnival games.
- 25+ Food Trucks & Food Tents
- Scavenger hunts.
- $5 Entry, kids 12 & Under Free (Tickets here)
- Free to play kidzone with games like tricycle derby, giant connect four, chalk stations and more.
- 2+ local bands each day
- Pet friendly
- Free parking
Yesterday my diva Bengal, Star, died of pancreatic cancer. I am devastated. My whole life I have had cats and yet she was the one who's had the most impact on me. She had the biggest personality, was a loud talker, and a diva. She was such a priss with her dainty little paws. She also loved me back so much. She loved to play fetch and would only play with certain types of balls. Star was very smart too, being a Bengal. I will miss her dearly. I wanted to put together a page of photos that I can return to when I want.

My beautiful Star, rest in peace.

I like to follow viral animal 'celebrities'. Animals on Instagram and Facebook can lift your mood with a simple photo or video. Whether you like cats, dogs, raccoons, or monkeys, there is probably some animal that has a following on social media.

One of my favorites to follow is Canuck the crow. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and became a viral sensation when he stole a knife from a crime season. He now has a huge following on Instagram and Facebook

But let's start at the beginning. When he was a fledgling, he was found by a young boy that raised him until he was able to fly. He then released him after first putting a red zip tie on his ankle so that he would be easy to recognize. Canuck is, therefore, a wild crow that is used to humans. After his release, he decided that the next door neighbor, a guy named Shawn, was going to be his human best friend. He has developed a bond with Shawn so that he greets him in the morning and as soon as he gets home for work. (Shawn is his official Instagrammer.)

Shawn @canuck_and_i
A couple of years ago there was an incident at their local McDonald's and while the police had the place roped off for collecting evidence, Canuck swooped down and stole the weapon, a knife! This made worldwide news and his local celebrity turned into global.

Over the last few years there have been more crow adventures. Canuck has been seen riding the buses and trains, stealing keys from the nearby fairgrounds, making his first nest, and attacking the postal carrier for a while until they became friends. He's also got a lady love, Cassiar, and they had their first family together, although sadly the chicks both did not survive.

Canuck has become so well known that every year there is an art showing featuring artwork by his fans. He has his own short documentary and this year he beat out Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds, and even Michael J. Fox in a bracket contest to become the Unofficial Ambassador for Vancouver's Metro. Makes sense. After all, Canuck actually rides the Metro.

I was determined to meet Canuck on a trip to Vancouver last month and so my friends and I went crow stalking. Luckily it's easy enough to do. First is the address of the McDonald's where the knife stealing took place. Then it was a matter of looking for Canuck's favorite landmarks and haunts. 

Our trip was not blessed with good weather, even though it was August. The first day of looking was rainy and we were out in the drizzle for an hour with no luck. The next day was not that much better, just no rain. We walked around for an hour and fed his crow friends with no luck. We still had one more day, so we decided to give up. Just as we were getting in the car (I had put my drink on the top of the car to open the door), when Canuck swooped in, landed in front of me, and said, "I hear you were looking for me! And you've got food!" We were even blessed with his gal, Cassiar!

Suddenly Canuck took off again. He had spotted Shawn and immediately flew to his friend. We talked to Shawn for a while as a posse of other crows surrounded him. He now has another he has named Junior that, a week after we were there, finally sat on his knee. Many other crows also hang out as well. Shawn is going to need to come up with more names as he continues to become the Crow Whisperer of Vancouver. 

Yes, I was in Vancouver for a mini-vacation with my friends, but I did have only one Vancouver site I needed to see. A crow named Canuck.

I've been keeping a secret because I wanted to be the first to break the news. There's a new dumpling place in town. Well, actually, it's been open for nine months. Somehow it's been a well kept secret and now I'm telling you. The best soup dumplings can be found in Old Sacramento at I-Shanghai Delight.

My friend and past coworker from CalPERS told me about it. She's Chinese and she said that word had already spread among the Chinese community when this new location (the first is in Fremont) opened up. Then my other friend is a soup-dumpling fanatic. I knew I had to go with her to try it out, especially when we learned there were at least three varieties of soup dumplings!

I-Shanghai Delight is located on Front Street in Old Sac. It's in the basement of the old set of buildings that are directly across from the railroad shed where Bali Kitchen is. As soon as you descend the stairs you see people making soup dumplings!

The restaurant is bigger than it first appears because the dining room wraps around the back of the bar and dumpling making area. It's bright and clean and you get excited about your upcoming meal as soon as you sit down. 

The menu is not lengthy, probably because the feature is the soup dumplings. There are five versions to choose from! Pork, shrimp, spicy pork, and crab roe and pork are the steamed selections. The fifth is a pan fired pork dumpling. Be careful because they arrive at your table piping hot. You also have to be very careful with how you bite into them so that you don't squirt the soup on yourself.

shrimp dumpling

We chose the shrimp, spicy pork, and the pan fried. First up was the shrimp and as soon as you bit in and slurped up that soup, you knew you had found the best dumpling place in town. The center dumpling has the shrimp peeking out so that the servers can tell the dumplings apart. Inside is some ground seafood and a whole shrimp, and, of course, the flavorful seafood broth.

spicy pork dumpling
Under that steamer tray was the tray of spicy pork. When you bite into these, expect an explosion of broth with chili oil. At first I thought they were mild, but the heat can sneak up on those who are sensitive to spicy food. I like spicy and would consider it to be at a low medium level. 

pan fried pork dumpling

The pan fried pork is just fried in a shallow bit of oil so that the bottom halves are nicely browned. While my companions liked them, I did not care for the bread-iness of the frying. It made the dumpling a lot heavier. Considering it was our last dish and I've been eating low-carb for eight months, the heaviness did me in. I had enjoyed the other dumplings as-is, savoring their ability to stand on their own without need of condiments such as the accompanying vinegar sauce or the nearby soy sauce. The pan fried dumplings were the only ones I used the vinegar sauce on and I think it helped to cut that heaviness.

I skipped directly to the dumplings, but in reality we had started with two appetizers. The first was sweet and sour pork ribs (no picture). These are the small, bite-sized pieces of ribs that you pop in your mouth and crew around the bone before spitting it out. These were covered in a sticky, thick sauce and the ribs were on the chewy side, making it a bit of a chore to munch on.

fried turnip cake

We were wowed by our other appetizer - the Fried Turnip Cakes. These are made with a mix of shredded turnip and green onions. I probably should have taken a picture of them cut in half so you can see the shredded nature of them.  While some might add a sauce to them, I liked savoring the oniony flavor and the texture of the crunchy exterior and soft (bit greasy) interior.

So there you go. THE BEST soup dumplings in town are conveniently in the center of the region in Old Sacramento at I-Shanghai Delight.