Who? Me?

Who is Ms. Munchie?

Creator of the Sacramento Food Film Festival (2011-2014) 
(donated to Food Literacy Center in 2015)
Co-founder of SactoMoFo

Creator of Have an Offal Day

This blog was started in December 2007, making it pretty old in food blog years.

I am a semi-private gal who lives and works in downtown Sacramento. I moved here after college in 1987. I had been told the central valley of California was the 'armpit of CA' by my college mates from the major cities. Instead, I found Sacramento to be the perfect place for me to settle. A city with the amenities of a big city but the not the big problems.

I was born in Canada to a Filipina mother and a British father. I left at the age of two weeks to live in Oregon, Washington, and Maine before dad took a job in Saudi Arabia. This great opportunity led to a life of world travel and culinary experiences. I've even had fresh camel's milk milked for my brother and I by a bedouin in the desert.

Yes, I love food. I do cook and bake. I will freely admit that I'm not really a creator of recipes or have the most distinguishing of tastebuds. I'm also allergic to alcohol, so you can forget any wine posts. I appreciate good food though. My extra income will go to a fine meal before clothes or shoes.

When it comes to reviews (mine or any others), I believe that if you find a reviewer that you agree with after reading some of their material, then keep reading them. I hope that if you find you have similar tastes to mine, then you will continue reading my reviews. That said, if you don't, then don't read it.

I do work with purveyors and PR agencies if it is a product that I like and can get behind. I always disclose these associations.

Please drop me a note or make a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

Named News10 Contributor of the Month (page deleted w/ station rebranding)

Event coverage:

  • Pebble Beach Food & Wine 
  • Cochon 555
  • Heritage Fire
  • Portland Feast
  • San Francisco/Sacramento Chocolate Salon
  • San Francisco Chefs

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Sacramento Magazine Aug 2013