Who? Me?

Who is Ms. Munchie?

I am a semi-private gal who lives and works in downtown Sacramento. I moved here after college in 1987. I had been told the central valley of California was the 'armpit of CA' by my college mates from the major cities. Instead, I found Sacramento to be the perfect place for me to settle. A city with the amenities of a big city but the not the big problems.

I was born in Canada to a Filipina mother and a British father. I left at the age of two weeks to live in Oregon, Washington, and Maine before dad took a job in Saudi Arabia. This great opportunity led to a life of world travel and culinary experiences. I've even had fresh camel's milk milked for my brother and I by a bedouin in the desert.

Yes, I love food. I do cook and bake. I will freely admit that I'm not really a creator of recipes or have the most distinguishing of tastebuds. I'm also allergic to alcohol, so you can forget any wine posts. I appreciate good food though. My extra income will go to a fine meal before clothes or shoes.

My best writing has to do with where our food comes from. I love to find out how caviar is harvested or about the goats raised for goat cheese. I eat meat, but I want to know that animal lived a happy life. I want to eat better with more knowledge. So please visit my list of Farm to Fork posts. 

Lately I have been writing for edible Sacramento, Sacramento Magazine, and Eater.com. Please find those links on my Writings Elsewhere page. 

I do work with purveyors and PR agencies if it is a product that I like and can get behind. I always disclose these associations.

Please drop me a note or make a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

Blog cover photo by Debbie Cunningham.

Creator of the Sacramento Food Film Festival (2011-2014) 
(donated to Food Literacy Center in 2015)
Co-founder of SactoMoFo (food trucks)
Creator of Have an Offal Day

This blog was started in December 2007, making it pretty old in food blog years.

Named News10 Contributor of the Month (page deleted w/ station rebranding)

Event coverage:

  • Pebble Beach Food & Wine 
  • Cochon 555
  • Heritage Fire
  • Portland Feast
  • San Francisco/Sacramento Chocolate Salon
  • San Francisco Chefs

mentions not blog related:

Interview in Inside Publications (no longer online)

Sacramento Magazine Aug 2013