Review: Texas Roadhouse BBQ

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If you have driven down Highway 99 to Elk Grove, you might have noticed the Texas Roadhouse BBQ (TRB) just off the Sheldon Road exit. Personally I am not a fan of traditional Texas-style barbecue. I find it to be too smokey. (I prefer Memphis-style.) But I had been asked to review the restaurant and so my friend and I decided it was time to go for some beef.
Turns out that TRB has an advanced seating system. If you call about a half hour before you plan on getting there, you can get a seating number and a window period in which your table should be ready for you. This system is for parties of less than seven. We arrived a little early, but true to their word, we were called up in the window period and seated promptly.

But I am skipping ahead. First we sat at the bar to wait. The entire restaurant has peanut shells everywhere on the floor (so this is definitely NOT a place for people with peanut allergies). At the bar and all of the tables there are buckets of peanuts. You have to be careful not to eat too many of them or you will spoil your appetite!

When we were called for seating our hostess grabbed sets of silverware from a big animal trough near the host stand and a basket of bread and butter. On our walk to the table she asked us if we had been there before and told us we would definitely enjoy our meal. Points for hospitality!

Once we were seated we tore into the bread. It was fresh and hot, but a bit on the sweet side for my taste. The butter was a cinnamon butter, which I didn't care for either. When the waitress came I requested regular butter. At first we were greatly disturbed by the volume of the music. The speakers were right over our table. The table next to us complained as well and they did turn it down for us.

The waitress explained that all the beef was butchered on site. In fact, I forgot to mention, there is a meat case showing the different cuts at the front of the restaurant. I ordered a ribeye steak and my friend ordered ribs. They say they are famous for "fall off the bone" ribs. There are a number of sides you can choose from, including sweet potatoes. If you choose that, you can have it topped with marshmallows and caramel sauce! 

While we waited for our order we read the little history of the restaurant. I found it curious that the Texas Roadhouse BBQ was actually a chain founded in Indiana!

Our food arrived and it was delicious. In fact, it was the best steak I had had in a long time and I only ordered the cheapo ribeye!

I give this restaurant high marks for the quality of its food and its service.