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I had to share with everyone our experience at dinner. I had
organized a dinner with my other dinner group for Sunday at
6:30. I had called to make the reservation about three weeks before
saying I wanted the Sunday after Thanksgiving at 6:30 for 20 people.
They took the reservation with no problem. I have never been to
Broadway Soul Food so I did not know that they aren't even open on
Sunday nights. I called at 5:00 to confirm and they said they
were waiting for us. I get there to find out that the restaurant is
closed and they are opening it up just for our group!! And, in fact,
they haven't been open since Wed because of Thanksgiving. So they all
came in on this Sunday to open up at a time they don't normally open
up, just for us!!! I had no idea and was so stressed because many of
our group flaked on us. But the staff were totally gracious, took
great care of us, and even threw in the banana pudding dessert for
free!!! I cannot say how incredibly impressed I was by this. They
could have called or told me about their hours or their holiday
schedule, but they honored their commitment.

Needless to say, the food was great and everyone was very happy. I had
the smothered pork chops with sides of corn and greens. I will say
they are heavy on the pepper. Pepper is heavy in the gravy, in the
mac and cheese, in everything. So don't add pepper. LOL. The greens
were good and not overly bitter like some greens can be. The banana
pudding was slices of banana and vanilla wafer cookies folded in
vanilla pudding.

Anyway, please do eat there and tell them that you heard how wonderful
they were. We were short our attendance, so I promised them I would
spread the word via my email groups.

Broadway Soul Food
3515 Broadway