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Update: May 2012

OMG! I'm in love with this chili mac n cheese from Dad's now. They take their chili and mix it with their mac n cheese. Dad's makes great chili, both with meat and vegetarian. You can have the chili mac made with either or even both! I had it done with both and it was the bomb! A new favorite. Small is only $3 and this large crock is $7. 

Original Post: August of 2008
Yes. I am completely biased when it comes to Dad's because they are my friends. But don't rule out my opinion because of that.

We went to Dad's last night for dinner, about a month since the last time. Changes already. Eric, who was the opening chef, is out. So they have completely rejuggled the menu. Gone were almost all of the entrees and in were all the sandwiches from the deli. I'm happy about the sandwiches because I thought they needed that and that's what their reputation was built on. The entrees....well maybe they'll be back some day. What they kept was the meat loaf and the mac and cheese. They are also doing one featured entree each night. Last night it was a NY strip steak with a green peppercorn cognac sauce.

Dean had the special but substituted the fries. They have the seasoned fries and so Dean chose the blue cheese and chili sauce fries and loved them. He was also happy with the steak except steak sauce. The guy is from the midwest and is used to well done steaks with a lot of steak sauce (UGH!).

I had the meatloaf with a ketchupy sauce and mashed potatoes and green beans. The meatloaf was a mix of pork and beef and they served me a big, honkin slab. It was good, not too dense or dry. Both of us had nice, crispy side vegetables.

Epicurean Paul can't see why I love Dad's sandwiches so much. But I only ever order the hot sandwiches and definitely have my favorites. I love the hot tuna. I have to tell them to hold the olives and tomato, but I keep the cheese, spicy mustard and red onions. The tuna salad is super green from the tons of dill in it. I also like the reuben and the Blue Collar Dream with the tri tip, but that's one that Paul had a problem with. After discussion at dinner, I think he hit the place right when they were turning over chefs.

Oh well. I'll discuss Paul and my sandwich argument in a future post when I finally get some pictures of his favorite place.

Update 7/19/08: regarding comments on kids at Dad's -

7/28/08 Had the mac and cheese yesterday. The small was a generous bowlful! I liked that it was peppery. Yummy!