On to Riches - Revised

Our trip to Guatemala was nicknamed ´Rags to Riches´ because we knew that we would start in Ronnie´s quiet village and then move to a timeshare for the final week. We are now at Soleil Pacifico in the Port of San Jose on the Pacific Coast.

We stayed at the Soleil Pacifico. This resort is an exchange through Interval International. There are only five that are exchange worthy here in Guatemala. This one is pretty good. We are in a bungalow next to the pool. The living quarters are across a canal from the beach area. There is another huge party pool there as well as a big amphitheater, lots of sports courts, the disco, and then to the beach.

The beach is beautiful. It is all black sand from the 20 volcanoes in the country. They have the thatched umbrellas and chairs and then there are people renting out ATVs and horses. I hope to go on a horseback ride today.

The disappointing aspects that I will have to send in comments on are that there is no gym for working out, no shuttle to get to town or the airport, and hardly any English. Even the front desk people, who should be the most fluent, need great improvement. We believe we are the only foreigners here at all. Everyone else appears to be rich Guatemalans.

The resort offers all-inclusive for $40 a day but we are trying to live out of the condo for breakfast and lunch and then just hit the restaurant for dinners. Ronnie took us grocery shopping before he left. Locals seem to swarm this place on the weekends. They can buy a day-pass for $65. That´s definitely only for the rich. But Ronnie says that the public beaches are disgusting. Guatemalans do not believe in a litter free environment. They just drop trash wherever they are. Our beach, of course, is litter free.

Now that it is Monday the place is a virtual ghost town. I think that it is only us and honeymooners left.

I can´t wait to get home so that I can add pictures. Even though I will be home, expect many Guatemalan blog entries in the next week or more as I put stories to all the pictures for you and give you more detailed information.