Wow! The Mighty Oxtail

Last week Simply Recipes won the Foodbuzz Blogger Award for Best Recipe Blog. SR has repeatedly been awarded and rated highly for being one of the top recipe blogs on the internet. That's pretty impressive - the whole internet! And it is based right here in Sacramento. I've met Elise, the site creator, at a Sacramento food bloggers' potluck last year. And favorite Vanilla Garlic blogger, Garrett, often guest writes for SR as well. And yet somehow I managed to never run into Elise last week at the conference.

And, surprisingly, I've never made a SR recipe - until now. I often look at the site and admire some of the featured recipes, but just never got around to making any. But this week I wanted to make something I've never cooked before, oxtails. I looked up recipes and saw that there was one on SR and so I decided this was the one to try.

The Oxtail Stew recipe was super easy. WOW! I was blown away at how yummy this was! Considering a 500+ pound steer, that little tail is mighty flavorful. But all that taste comes from the loads of fat. It just drips of grease. Plus I made the mistake of breaking apart the meat before straining the fat, thus making it very difficult to separate. Next time I will stop fiddling with it, pull out the tail pieces, strain off the fat, and then return the meat to the pot and break it apart.

Still, I cooked the stew over two days and so the flavors were all condensed down to super potency. Each biteful was heavenly. I'll definitely be making oxtails again. What a winner!