Glass Fusing

A couple of months ago I mentioned my dad's artwork of fused glass koi on slate. Here is the article from a major koi publication.

My brother had said that we should really learn dad's techniques because otherwise his knowledge would be lost if something should happen to him. I think Paul plans on videotaping him at work to document the process. I decided to take a glass fusing class via The Learning Exchange so I could understand the basics.

The class was taught at Rainbow Glass on Auburn Blvd. They have classes for all kinds of glasswork including stained glass, fusing, blowing glass, glass beads, and more. I did two projects - the picture frame above and the small wall vase below. I liked how the glass melts together into one piece. What I didn't like was the instructor. She was nice and all, but she didn't educate me about glass and the processes. She just taught us a couple of techniques, let us create what we wanted, and that was it. She didn't even go into any explanation of the business and what they offered to try and encourage us to take classes. So she wasn't a good marketer.

Still, I think I might take some more classes. After all, it helps me to learn what my dad does and if I really like it, like he does, I could some day get his equipment.