Patty Cake

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Oregon is known for many things. Food-wise, it's known for all the bounty the Northwest is famous for, from salmon to berry growing. For restaurants, Goners love their pie and pancake houses. We'll get to all-nighter study sessions in pie houses on another day.

I went to college in Portland in the 80's and nearby was The Original Pancake House. Every weekend there was a long wait line outside. For good reason. This chain is no boring International House of Pancakes. This chain really does serve international pancakes. From French crepes, to Swedish pancakes, to Dutch babies and buckwheat, they have the pancake for you.

The one in Roseville is in a strip mall, sad to say. Nothing like the colorful buildings in Oregon. Inside, though, it is nice and roomy with country decor and pretty plates lining the oak paneling.

Our Meetup group met there for a Saturday brunch and the orders were varied.

Above you see a Dutch baby. These beauties are easy to fall in love with. A simple souffle of just eggs, milk, and flour. After I left Portland I was determined to learn to make them. This is back before the internet and so it took a while to find a cookbook with the recipe. Now you can find it here in an old post of mine. When they arrive you should put butter, powdered sugar, and then fresh lemon juice all over. Light and heavenly.

Since I can now make Dutch babies, I opted for the Swedish pancakes with lingonberries. Basically they are just crepes and so I didn't bother with a photo. Simple and good.

A few people ordered pancakes and you can see that a stack is a nice plateful. Christina chose pecan pancakes. Lisa needed chose sourdough and I thought these must be similar to buttermilk. She gave me a bite and the sourdough had quite a nice tang to them. I'd recommend them if you want a pancake variation.

A couple of people selected corned beef hash. Boy, it's been ages since I've had that. They said it was a little on the dry side. Here you see it with the buckwheat pancakes.

I've seen a couple of bad reviews in regards to service. We had no such problem. Everyone was cheerful and took good care of us.

I'm glad to have a little bit of college memories nearby, in the way of good food.