It's Just a Number

Today is my 46th birthday. Now many women wouldn't admit that, but I can say it with a bit of pride. You see, I happen to think the 40's have been my best decade and I highly recommend them.

When you are in your 40s you have pretty much become the person you are. It's not set in stone, but it's hard to make changes to your personality. The saying, "You're set in your ways" comes to mind. You should hopefully be in good physical shape so that you can do whatever activities you would like to. You also hope that you are in decent financial circumstances so that you can afford to do what you want as long as you are reasonable with your money and savings.

That sums up my life right now. I'm lucky to be able to count my blessings. I'm employed, own a home, am healthy, look younger than my age, have plenty of friends, and am kept busy with many activities including this blog. I also appreciate the time and country I live in. We've had a few smaller wars and are having a tough economic period right now, but compared to past centuries or decades, this is a good time be alive.  Life isn't bad.

My dad will turn 78 in January. He's in fairly good health and remarried this year to a 75 year old. With luck, he'll live to well into his 90s like his mother. My grandma had hoped to reach 100 so she could get a birthday card from the Queen (British). She made it to 98.5.

We were talking about physical versus mental age. I think of myself mentally as being in my 30s. Dad says that works even at his age. He might be 77 but probably still mentally thinks and pictures his inner self as in his 40s. Unfortunately the body doesn't agree. He certainly can't be lifting things like he did in his 40s. He's also got a back condition and due for back surgery in the next couple of weeks.

I must admit it does give me pause to think I'm approaching the big 50. We all laughed when I told my father I was dating a 51 year old. OMG! To be dating someone over 50! That's the one area I worry about - finding a partner as I get older. I guess I can take comfort that dad did - even in his late 70s.

So as I start another year I can take satisfaction that my life has been blessed in many ways and hope that it continues to be for many more to come.