Easter Bunny Cake

I am blessed that I have two ‘adopted’ families here in Sacramento that I can rely on for the holidays. With my dad in Oregon and my brother in Washington, I have to fend for myself during most holidays. Some people like the freedom to have the days all to themselves. Some people get depressed if they are left all by themselves.  As a foodie, I tend to prefer to go to a family gathering for the feast. Often I choose between my BFF’s extended family, which I’m pretty much an honorary member of now, or to my ex-husband’s family. As my sister-in-law once said, “You divorced my brother, not us.”

It’s always interesting to see the family traditions every family has. In this case it’s my BFF’s husband’s. His family has been in Sacramento for many decades. I’m not sure when they first arrived, but this particular story goes back to the 30’s, so they arrived before that.  If you ever go to Tres Hermanas to eat on K Street, that property still belongs to them. When BFF started dating him, he lived in the upstairs unit. Turns out the family used to run a bakery long ago where the restaurant now is.

At BFF’s house they share the cooking. Rob’s expertise is the BBQ. He is one of those men who is a master barbecuer. At Easter, though, he has another responsibility - he makes the Easter bunny cake.

The story goes that the recipe was first printed in some magazine or paper back in the day. His family has made it every year since. Somehow it ended up becoming a story in the Sacramento Bee. The family knew it, but any clipping has been long lost. 

Really the cake is just any basic, frosted cake, You can even use a cake mix and frosting from the tub. What is special about the cake are the marshmallow bunnies that ring it.  You will need large marshmallows, a marker with edible ink, and paper bunny ears that you cut from regular paper. I think you can figure it out from the picture above. Just toothpick the marshmallows together, draw the details, and stick in the ears. 

Now this might become a family Easter tradition for your family too.