Berry Picking


July 2011

It has been a crazy year for weather. With our winter stretching well into JUNE, everything that grows got off to a late start. This time last year Poor Girl Kimberly and I had gone up to pick our own berries. We were able to get blueberries at $3.50 per pound and blackberries at $5.50  per pound. When we both decided to participate in yesterday's Pie Party, it demanded another trek up the hill in search of berries.

The weather did, indeed, effect the growing season. The blueberries were only just starting to turn. We got enough, but you could tell that the blueberry picking at Bolster's is going to extend throughout July. This time the berries were $4.50/lb, possibly due to it being early in the crop. Last year I had been just grabbing clumps without too much scrutiny. This time, with so many unripe berries, I carefully picked out only plump, dark berries. I came home with 3 pounds.

We ventured down the way to Parker's to see if the blackberries were ready. They were also delayed and are not expected to be ready for another 2-3 weeks.

It occurred to me that this delayed growth might mean there were still cherries to be picked. Usually the season is pretty much peaking at Fathers' Day and done by July. We drove to Boa Vista and sure enough, there were still plenty of cherries. Pick your own were $2.50 per pound. Yes, you can get cherries at $2.50/lb at the farmers market, but that's no fun. We each picked a small bucket before heading home.

2000 Larsen Drive
Camino, CA
(530) 644-2230
Season: Labor Day Weekend to November 10
Hours: 7 days/week 9am - 4pm

       Boa Vista
2952 Carson Road
Placerville, CA
(530) 622-5522
Season: Open all year
Hours: Daily 8am - 5pm

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