Sunh Fish - Sushi Making Central

I'm going to miss Sunh Fish - their old location that is. Currently at the Asian Market at Broadway and 11th for only a few more days, their new location is a giant space at 19th and V. It was only a block from my house, which made it easy to pick up some last minute shrimp or other seafood for dinner. Now it's a bike ride away. Good exercise, I suppose.

Sunh Fish has always been known by sushi lovers in the know as the purveyors of much of the seafood being eaten in the sushi restaurants in Sacramento. Many restaurants come here to purchase fish and shellfish that winds up on your dinner plate.


I stopped by to take a peak at the new digs and found a very large industrial space that was mostly vacant. When I asked what they planned to do with it I was told that they will be adding dry goods and other things to sell. They have decided to capitalize on their sushi reputation by becoming a one-stop store for all things sushi making. You will be able to pick up the best rice, vinegars, soya, utensils, rollers, and more. Even though they aren't a restaurant, they should consider a classroom space to teach sushi making as well.

lobster tank
I look forward to seeing the store fully stocked and all the fish tanks moved in. I know they will be a huge success because we've needed a quality seafood vendor in the midtown area for some time. Welcome!