Food Truck Updates for a New Year - 2013

It's been a while since I've posted any truck updates and so I'm going to do so in two parts. Part 1 is updates on some happenings of individual trucks/owners and then Part 2 will be regarding Sacramento ordinances and industry news.


After only about a month of the Crave Taco truck being on the road it disappeared and came back re-wrapped a third time with the new Krushburger wrap. (Wrap 1 = Miniburger, Wrap 2 = Crave Taco)
According to owner Davin Vculek, there was so much demand for the Krushburger truck that they decided to go ahead and have two of them and forgo the Crave Taco, at least for now. So don't be confused when you see them tweeting two locations for the same lunch hours. 

Meanwhile, the Krushburger restaurant over at the State Lottery building is tentatively scheduled for a January 9th opening, but Davin says that's not for sure. You know how these things can go. You need to get inspections and finish last minute tweaks. One fun feature, they'll be one of the few places in town with the new Coke Freestyle machines. I got to experience one of them at the Five Guys Burgers in Salem, OR. You choose which flavors you want to mix into your soda. There's even peach, vanilla, and grape flavorings. You can get crazy and have a peach vanilla Coke or grape limeade. 

OM Karmabile

I'm told by Voltair that the Om Karmabile will be off the road for a few weeks while it undergoes a new wrap and menu change. It's still going to be Indian fusion, he says, with a look at better branding. 

California Love

Johnny Breedlove sent a quick note saying that he's looking for some restaurant space himself. He's also looking to make a set standard menu. I kinda liked that he changed things once in a while, but he's also got some very popular items that people are insisting he keep on the menu. One of those is his Carnitas Fries which I wrote about last week in my piece, Fry Meals are Hot

Coast to Coast

We haven't seen much of the Coast to Coast truck over the last six months. They've been busy with the restaurant part of Pour House at 19th and Q. Robert tells me that the truck has to undergo some mechanical fixes over the winter, but plans to be back out in about six weeks. They will be adding some of the restaurant menu items to the truck, like some of their new smoked meats.

Papa Dale's Drivin Diner

Keith Breedlove plans to bring some molecular gastronomy and sous vide to his truck next year. He went out and bought a sous vide machine and so we can look forward to some incredible meats, I'm sure. Expect to see some foams, gelees, and pearls as well. For those of you unfamiliar with molecular gastronomy and those terms, you might want to check out the Modernist Cuisine site - the experts on that stuff. They do some tutorial videos via as well. Here's an excellent one on injection brining. The point is, there should be some fun foods coming out of his truck this spring.

New Trucks

There are a few new trucks that are just starting out and others on the way. Of the ones just out, you might run into All Angle Catering and New Bite Catering. Thing about permits is that the County Health permit renews on a calendar year basis. So new trucks often wait until the first of the year before paying for a new permit. Some also don't bother with City permits and just opt for County only. Sadly that means you won't see them in a lot of locations you wish they would go to.

Anyway, All Angle Catering features barbecue.  While New Bite features homestyle soul food. 

And there's a new Asian based truck coming out this spring too. Can't break the news on their menu yet (it's good!), but I'm excited because I want more ethnic trucks!

So I hope you are ready for 2013. Winter is hard for the truck business, so if you see them out, please stop by and give them your business so that they can survive to the better weather months. Part 2 in a few days...