Frank Fat's Wins James Beard Award

And all I got was a fabulous lunch! LOL.

It seems that Sacramento goes forever without any real recognition in the food world and then this year we had two, that's TWO, James Beard Award winners.  Our friend, Hank Shaw, won for his blog,  "Hunter Angler Gardener Cook." Frank Fat's won for America's Classic.

Today I was treated to a press lunch to celebrate their award.The America's Classic is awarded to "beloved regional restaurants". "Distinguished by their timeless appeal, they serve quality food that reflects the character of their communities."

In the case of Frank Fat's, it's been a fixture in Sacramento since 1939 and even has the nickname of the "Third House" of the Legislature. This refers to the fact that over the decades many a political deal has been hammered out within their walls, over a cocktail or a plate of their famous Frank's Style New York Steak. Every governor and scores of politicians has eaten at Frank Fat's over the last six decades.
Frank's Style New York Steak

It was interesting to learn a few things about its history. The New York steak has been on the menu since the very beginning, never changing. 

Their famous Banana Cream Pie started in the 1950s.  They make 15-25 of them twice a day. They also take requests if you would like to purchase a pie to take home. Please give them a 12 hour notice.

Our meal was an array of dishes that Frank Fat's is presenting to celebrate their James Beard award. The "America's Classics" menu will be featured for May 13-31. You get all the items pictured, plus Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, for a prix fixe price of $29.95. 

Honey Walnut Prawns
Bacon Wrapped Scallops

San Gai Shee Chow Mein
Char Siu Slider
If you are one of those who has never tried this famous Sacramento landmark, then here's your chance. With seven dishes for $29.95, you can't find a better deal. And all of the items are ones that Frank Fat's is known for. The time to try them out is this month.