This Truck is Slightly Skewed

Anyone who has read my food truck posts knows that I have lamented for some time the lack of ethnic food trucks in Sacramento. Aside from the plethora of taco trucks and the smattering of gyro trucks, I'm still craving crepes, pirogis, curries, and more. I'm happy to say that starting in September we will finally see a new addition, an Asian inspired truck named Slightly Skewed.

I've been waiting on this truck for MONTHS since I found out about it last year. What has taken so long is that they got the truck brand new, custom made. As we know with all such things like construction, there are delays after delays. The manufacturer assures them they will be getting the truck the beginning of September. (Fingers crossed)

This truck is owned by Rob Jong.  Rob just graduated from the Oregon Culinary Institute in foodie city Portland with his sous chef friend,  Kevin Whitmore. 

Rob designed his concept around three distinct ideas which together make up the trucks motto - 1) grilled 2) Asian 3) street food.  Ingredients, flavors and techniques are of central and southeast Asia, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese.  Though Rob is taking some creative liberties with presentation, he is keeping faithful to the culinary heritage of the food and flavors.  What is great about the skewer idea is that the skewered meats and vegetables can be built to order and served as an entree or as a snack, mixing and matching with side options. You can take the skewered meats and eat them alone, in a wrap, or in a bowl with rice.

The concept has been a work in progress over the last 18 months.  While visiting his sister in NYC, Rob and Kevin happened into a traditional Yakitori bar where they were treated to an array of skewered meats and vegetables grilled over authentic Japanese bincho tan (white charcoal).  Rob had been thinking of food truck ideas and the idea of combining the two - food truck and skewers - seemed like a natural.  What followed was working on a business plan, menu sampling, and getting the truck built. All the while guided by the singular most important desire -- to provide every customer with an exceptional food truck experience.

Here are some pictures of examples of what will be on the menu. 

Meat Skewers
one:  $3  two:  $5.5  three:  $7.5

made from choice meat skewers
two skewers  $7.5  three skewer:  $9.5

Rice Plates
made from choice of meat skewer
two skewers  $7.5  three skewer:  $9.5

Side Skewers 
seasonal vegetable
one:  $1.5 - $2.5

Side Plates
Fried Rice Balls, Smashed Potato Fries, more
per order:  $2.5 - $3.5
If you would like to be able to say you tried it first, you can at this Thursday's farmers market in West Sacramento on West Capital Ave in front of City Hall (4-8pm).  Slightly Skewed will be doing a pop-up in the Wicked Wich truck. Stop by and give them some feedback.