I Can Eat Again!

So raw vegan is hard. At least for me with not the greatest willpower. Honestly, though, to have made it through the first two weeks pretty cleanly is a MAJOR accomplishment in my book. All of my friends agreed with that. To do vegan is one thing. To do raw vegan is something else.

I wrote my experiences at week three and I basically feel the same.  My plan, at this time, is to try to be pescatarian for the most part and limit meat to once or twice a week.

How about my blood work?  My cholesterol went down, but not as much as I hoped considering I had eliminated meat and dairy.  I did cheat a couple of times with hot chocolates for migraine relief.  Here are my results.


Cholesterol<=239 mg/dL264
Triglyceride<=199 mg/dL59
HDL>=45 mg/dL83
Low density lipoprotein calculated<=129 mg/dL169
Glucose, fasting60 - 99 mg/dL91


Cholesterol<=239 mg/dL              242
Triglyceride<=199 mg/dL              76
HDL>=45 mg/dL              76
Low density lipoprotein calculated<=129 mg/dL             151

Glucose, fasting                        60 - 99 mg/dL                90

Hardly a change at all for all that effort. Some are telling me it takes a few months of a new diet. I'm not that patient or interested. What does my doctor say? He says he wants my LDL to get below 130.  That's quite a ways to go.  

"What about your health?" you say? Honestly, I'd prefer to live happy and die young.  HORRIBLE, incapacitating strokes run in my family and I have a Do Not Resuscitate order in my file and my family and ex-husband know why. I would much rather go at 60 then linger to 100.

Keep in mind that I'm single and without kids. So I don't need to be sticking around unnecessarily anyway.

So I guess you can call it laziness and apathy. My choice. 

Meanwhile, I did have tilapia for lunch and ceviche waiting for dinner.