Mini Review - Federalist Public House

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destruction of the Marshall and the BFD

In full disclosure, I've known owner Marvin Maldonado and his wife, Bridgitte, for a few years now. Since the time when Bridgette's fashion truck, Gypsy Mobile Boutique, rolled on to the scene. That's why I've declined to write a review before - the association. 

I've gone to Federalist a few times now and the experience has been so good I just have to at least throw in my recommendation for a few pizzas. 

I really like the vibe at Federalist. So much so that I had my summer birthday party there. The inside/outside aspect of the shipping container construction gives it a casual, relaxed feel. Even in the winter it is sheltered enough, with heaters, to make it comfortable. 

I also appreciate the fact that they have non-alcoholic beverages, fresh made strawberry lemonade and kombucha, on tap. 

The pizzas are the main thing on the menu and I'd like to recommend my favorites. The Southside is a great one,  with roasted pork chorizo,  yukon gold hash, monterey jack, fontina, fiore di latte, chili oil. It's not very spicy, despite what you might think.  The Marshall was a flavorful delight with arugula pesto, salame rosa, mozzarella, pistachios, and pgrana padano.  

BFD, courtesy of Federalist

A big surprise and my new brunch favorite is the BFD, or Ben Franklin Deluxe: smoked Tasso ham, Romano sauce, Yukon gold potatoes, fresh mozzarella, hollandaise, green onions, paprika and two farm fresh eggs.  You break the egg yolks and spread it around and then I highly suggest you add some chili oil on top.  I happen to like my eggs with runny yolks so that I can sop it up with toast. This pizza does all that for you. 
There are some other gems on the menu as well. The cannonballs are full of flavor with ground pork, ground beef, and smoked meats covered in italian gravy topped with shaved grana padano & fresh oregano.  They are hearty and delicious and will make you think of them every time you have a crappy meatball somewhere else.

At my birthday I ended with the ice cream sandwich. It's made with oatmeal cookie. Vic's french vanilla ice cream. chocolate dipped. crushed pistachios. Wow.  That's the best ice cream sandwich I've had in memory. My only complaint is how messy it is to eat. But hey, take the good with the bad, right?

Overall I gotta say I love the Federalist. I just wish the pizzas weren't priced so high.  They are a few dollars higher than other places like Masullo's. I guess I'll just have to say I'm paying for the ambiance of the place.