Simple Poke at Lunch

Sacramento might be on a poke binge right now with the opening of Fish Face. (See my post: Fish Face) I love the options that they offer, being able to make different combinations of poke each time you visit. Then I recently discovered that Costco has ready-made poke in four varieties available for grab n go! I tried two last week and they were great and about the same price as Fish Face's.

Thing is, I make poke a lot myself. It's easy and super healthy. There are only a few clean, whole ingredients and it's low in calories while high in nutrients. 

While I often make my poke with raw fish, I have a quick version that I often take to work. I thought it was no big deal, but my friend Suzanne asked me to post it anyway, so here it is.

The key ingredient to make it "safe" to take to work and not worry about spoilage or contamination is to buy cold cured salmon or lox style salmon. Here's my secret  - I go to Ikea and buy their frozen lox.  Go to their grocery section and in the freezer section you will find single portion, individually vacuum sealed pieces of salmon in packages of four. 

For the seasoning, I prefer ponzu sauce over soy sauce. Ponzu has citrus added to make it a bit fruity. I recently found a chili ponzu (pictured) that has some spice to it. Add that with the takarashi, which is a hot pepper powder, and it gives it a nice kick.

So my bowl consists of:

1 package of Ikea lox
1 avocado
1 sheet of nori (seaweed)
Ponzu sauce

Cut up the avocado and salmon and toss in a bowl. Tear up the nori into small pieces and add to bowl. Add Ponzu sauce and takarashi to taste. Toss and enjoy.