Quick review: Milestone in EDH

When I heard that the owners of Aji Japanese Bistro was opening another restaurant in El Dorado Hills, I knew I had to put it on my to-do list. Especially because this concept is comfort food. Luckily I have a friend that lives up that direction and so I made a trek up the freeway.

My curiosity was further peaked last month when Milestone was mentioned on a blog I read often, The Bitchy Waiter. He's a server in NYC that blogs about the crap that servers often have to put up with from the jerk customers in this world. Turns out that someone had left Milestone a crappy review and the owner put that reviewer in their place. 

So as I sat waiting for my friend to join me, I scrolled through the Yelp reviews to find that Milestone has a rating of 4.5, as does its sister restaurant, Aji. I read a bit more so I could also see what people were recommending as dishes to order.

My friend arrived and marveled at the change in the location. Formerly an Italian restaurant, she mentioned it was dark and joked about as being the place where people having affairs came to hide in the dark. Now it was bright and open. We were at a wooden booth with pillows velcroed to the backs. I did have to pry off one pillow to add to my other one for extra padding for my back. 

We decided to start with the smoked salmon lettuce cups that were on the happy hour menu. Two large, crisp iceberg lettuce leaves were filled with smoked salmon and ricotta cream, onion smoked salmon, kohlrabi slaw. They were bright and fresh and the perfect light appetizer to have before our heavier comfort food.

A popular recommendation from diners was the roasted cauliflower with almond romesco and chimichurri sauce. My friend shared a story of how she grew up on roasted cauliflower and loved it. This one was nicely done, I only wished for more of the chimichurri sauce.

She ordered another recommended favorite, the fried chicken. She received half a chicken with a splendid herb batter that was fried to perfection. It was super crisp and the meat within was nice and moist. Nothing was left on her plate by the end of the meal.

Even though I was tempted to order the Steak Diane to compare with the bitchy customer's comments, I instead opted for the veal schnitzel served with a mustard cream sauce. We were both a bit shocked by the large, super crisp pieces that arrived with a side of crisp green beans. I'm not kidding on the crisp part. The batter shattered when cut because the fry was done so well. Only complaint, needed more of the sauce.

For dessert we were plied with comfort favorites such as fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, and banana cream pie. Being that it was National Banana Cream Pie day and we were missing the pie eating contest at Fat City, we opted for the pie. The crust was wonderful and flaky without being too hard to cut through, even with a chocolate layer. It was generous with loads of banana as well. We were in dissecting mode at this point and both agreed that the only fault was that the banana was cut in too large chunks. They could have been cut once more in half and still be chunky versus sliced.

All in all we had a great visit and would agree with the majority of reviewers on Yelp. A great find, good service, wonderful food.