The Barn opens with Off the Grid

You couldn't ask for better weather after the recent heat wave. The temperature, assisted by the Delta Breeze, was in the high 80s. A perfect day for the opening event at The Barn in West Sacramento which included Off the Grid food trucks and music. 

Located on the West Sac side riverbank, The Barn is the new event structure in an area newly named The Bridge District. The wooden structure is just phase one, with more landscaping, stages, and bathrooms to come.

The Barn's swooping curvature is meant to be a bridge on land made from barn material - wood. It's very impressive and I was told that is constructed without a single nail. There are large bolts, but all the wooden shingles that line the exterior are without nails. The underside has a lattice design with lights inside to light up at night. More lights with colors will light up the outside. The unique shape means that wherever you stand around it, you get a totally different view of shape.

Every Friday night through October you can enjoy music and food trucks. Off the Grid will have a rotation of food trucks each week. Within The Barn there are cocktails served by Rye on the Road, a bar service out of San Francisco. They have created a selection of mixed drinks that are made en masse for quick and easy service. This is important because the bar line became long quickly. Later on Drake's Brewing Company will be installed in one side as the brewery tenant.

At the back side of The Barn is a temporary stage built by Off the Grid. This self contained stage has all the equipment and lights contained within. During storage, it's a giant box, but when they need it, the walls lift up to create the roof with lighting. The whole thing can be lifted and moved with a forklift if necessary, but for now it is anchored at the site. Each Friday there will be music curated by Capital Public Radio's Nick Brunner from 5-8 and then a local band will play from 8-10. 

The trucks have plenty of food to choose from with tacos, burgers, tacos, ethnic, and desserts.

Off the Grid continues to open new locations in the area. Their locations are well selected. Sunday's on the West Sac Riverwalk are perfect for family picnics. Taco Tuesdays at the Crocker Art Museum are great for an after work bite, some music, and art. Thursday lunches are being served in Rancho Cordova at Prospect Park and later this month Folsom Outlets will host Saturday afternoons for you to grab a bite while shopping. The Sacramento county locations are to be year round while the West Sacramento locations, unfortunately, will only be until the end of October.