Cambodian (Khmer) Food - at the market and roadside

My first post on Cambodian food covered national dishes. This post is mostly photos from my visit to the local food market in Siem Reap. First, let me share a video of a roadside snack. I had read about these rice snacks on the internet and so when I saw them on the road to Tonle Sap Lake, I had our tuk tuk driver stop.

This is a chè vendor. It's a dessert made with sweet syrup or pudding and then whatever you want: beans, jellies, tapioca pearls, fruit, etc. 

dried fish

another food vendor with various dishes

so many varieties of rice

These fresh water clams are the size of the tip of your finger. They lay them out in the sun to cook for three hours and then sell them in bags tossed with salt and peppers.

banana blossom salad

I've had freshly pressed sugar cane juice before, but it's the most refreshing when you buy it from a street cart after dying in the humid heat of Cambodia.

fried duck tongues and garlic

Rolled ice cream has been popping up in the U.S., but it started in Southeast Asia with the street vendors. I haven't had it here yet, so I'm not sure if they do it "raw" like they do there. What I mean is, the method of making the ice cream. Watch the video below, but basically they take your choice of fruit and put it and pour some cream on the freeze plate. No sugar. No additives. Just cream and the fruit. I chose banana and pineapple ice cream with honey and dragonfruit on top.