Cake Decorating - Part I

Everyone has always said that cake decorating class is fun. So when it was on sale for half price at Joann's, I signed up. The first class was an overview and showing us how to ice our cakes and fill a bag. Today was our first hands on class. But first I had to make an ice a cake. The instructor had said the buttercream icing would last for the course. Who was she kidding? It was only enough for this cake. And buttercream icing doesn't have any butter in it. It's Crisco, water, and powdered sugar - that's it! Luckily I've never been an icing person anyway. I'm a scraper.

My next challenge was the whole thing of not getting crumbs in my frosting and make it nice and flat and bumpless. As you can see, I didn't get it as smooth as I wanted to, but I figured - hey, it's my first attempt.

Today's class was learning to do stars, dots, and writing. Some people brought character cakes to work on or you could do a rainbow design. I wasn't concerned about some beautiful finished product at this point. I just want to get the techniques down first.

Here you can see Tami working on her teddy bear cake. And below is the finished cake.

I'll continue documenting my experiences over the next weeks.