Cake Decorating - Part 2

This week we could bring a cake or cupcakes to class. I decided to take the MLK holiday to make my cakes and a new batch of icing. Last week I also had decided that mixing up all this frosting stinks. So I went to Cake Castle and bought a gallon of pre-made frosting just for icing the cakes. The batches I make I will use for the decorating.

I bought my mixes at Food Source and saw that they have some new mixes out with Splenda. When you think about all the sugar I'm about to put on top in the form of frosting, it only made sense to cut some of it out of the cakes. Besides, I wanted to see how it tasted. So I made my dozen cupcakes and had some left over batter from the first batch. I decided to mix another box up and combine them so that I could make two thicker cake layers, thus having two cakes for the last two classes. Then I frosted the cupcakes and one of the layer cakes for this week's class. I did a much better job of frosting the cake this week - much smoother and flatter.

Tonite's class demonstrated a couple more techniques for flowers, and rounded shapes. You were supposed to make clowns too, but I opted to skip that part. Here Yvette works on her clowns and then this is a cake from one of the other women.

My photo (up top) doesn't show the yellow details. I tried the two different flower shapes we learned and some leaves. I did a bunch of different things on the cupcakes.

Next week we learn to make roses. Then Course II will probably start the week after that.