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I will tell you right off the bat that if you are a true sushi lover, then don't read my review, read the Bee and SNR reviews. The reason is, I'm a novice sushi roll eater, only started eating them about three years ago. And I'm still not into the slabs of raw fish. Akebono II is known for having fresh fish that other sushi places don't have. So if you like the slabs of rawness by themselves and want to distinguish the flavor of each type of fish and their subtleties, then definitely go to Akebono.

As for me, I like rolls. I like the complexity of flavors and textures all rolled up together. But Akebono does not have much of a roll menu. They were willing to accommodate, though. I asked for a spiced/doctored up spider roll and they did oblige with the one here.

I also ordered the geso, deep fried squid legs. They had a nice peppery, crispy batter and were cooked perfectly. The amount was generous and the squid legs long.

George got a sushi and tempura combo plate and that came with a generous amount as well.

Jeni chose the soba salad. She enjoyed it except she said the dressing was a little too vinegary. She was unable to finish it, but for quantity, not quality.

Finally, Robert got the spicy beef plate. Based on the amount of red sauce I likened to Korean spicy kimchee sauce, I thought it must be firey. But he said it was on the mild side.

The servers were very attentive and friendly. I hear the sushi chefs at the bar are helpful in explaining the different fish and their flavors. But we were at a table and ably waited upon by a team of servers.