Greenspan's Devil's Food White Out Cake

I've really enjoyed making good cakes lately. The Daring Bakers have had three cakes since I started in February and then I had taken the cake decorating classes. The Perfect Party Cake has been my favorite. But so far I had not baked a good chocolate cake. So I decided to give one of Dorie Greenspan's chocolate cakes a try. The titled cake happens to be the cover picture of her Baking: From My Home to Yours cookbook.

The cake itself was fairly easy. I made it Friday night and then wrapped it for the next day. Today it seemed nice and fudgy when I leveled it off. But after eating my first piece, it's not living up to what I expected based on Greenspan's description, like "a super fudgy brownie". Or maybe it's just my personal definition of what "super fudgy brownie" means. I've tried the cake both chilled and room temp and I definitely prefer it room temp. It seems moister then. I was also disappointed because she says there is a lot of chocolate flavor. There should be for the three types of chocolate that go into it. But I was disappointed.

The frosting is just sugar syrup into egg whites. It's very frothy and would be best described as similar to marshmallow fluff. Not liking it either. There are a couple other chocolate cakes in her book. Hopefully I'll like one of those better.