Lychee Season!

Repost with recipe added

I only like fresh lychees, not canned. Today I saw my first batch of fresh lychees at the Asian store near me. I bought a bag. I liken lychees to peeled grapes. They have the same juicy consistency, but with a harder protective skin. Some people have never seen a fresh lychee or know what to do with them, so here are pictures of me peeling one.

The skin is bumpy, but thin. Under the coarse skin is a thin, membranous skin that holds the juices in.

The pit has to be eaten around. It's not like a peach stone, which you can usually just pull out.

Lychees are used in sauces, drinks, salads, etc. You can find some recipes here.

Caramelized Lychees

These are great for putting over ice cream.

1 lb lychee fruit, peeled & seeded
½ cup brown sugar
4 tablespoons butter
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

In a skillet melt the butter over medium low heat. Add sugar, cinnamon, and lychees. Cook until sauce is nice and caramelized and the lychees are lightly cooked, about five minutes. Serve over ice cream.

Fresh Lychee