Young Love

This weekend I was Best Woman at a wedding - my father's. My dad, Peter, is 77. His new wife, Betty, is 75. You watch them, though, and you see young love.

Betty's husband and my mother died about the same time, three years ago, both after long illnesses. In the case of my family, it had been a difficult 3.5 years watching mom totally incapacitated by her massive stroke. My dad went to visit her almost every day during that time. So those 3.5 years and the last three have been hard and lonely for him. I am happy he's found someone.

Betty and dad met via the internet! They met via some kind of seniors site. I'll have to ask them the exact one so I can link it. They immediately felt a connection and their courting phase was short. Dad says they don't have time to waste. At least it gives my 45 year old self some hope.

They decided on a quick casino wedding in Reno to keep down on any over-celebrating by friends and family. I guess they kind of eloped. LOL. I was there due to my close proxity to Reno and Betty's granddaughter and her family came as well. While we were watching one of the acts at Circus Circus I caught this shot of them. This was something I never saw with mom. Not that that's bad. Every relationship is different and also time often subdues or curtails such public displays of affection. It was just kind of cute and sweet to witness from them.

I like Betty very much and her granddaughter's family also shows that this is good people. I can only hope, as any daddy's girl would, that my dad has many years of happiness to share with Betty this twilight of his life.