Mehran - More Indian (with some Pakistani)

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I continued my Indian feasting when our Meetup group went to Mehran. Mehran is Veena's favorite Indian restaurant in Sacramento. It is actually an Indian/Pakistani restaurant. Veena explains that when it comes to meat dishes, the Pakistanis have the upper hand.

Mehran is tucked away on Fair Oaks Blvd. Basically find the Borders store and then look for the restaurant in the building out in front of it. It's tucked behind so that it is often missed. The prior restaurant, Bravo Ristorante, was Italian and perhaps closed because of this location problem. We went on a Monday and it was also Ramadan, the month of Muslim fasting, and so the place was empty except for us. I had been to Bravo and remembered it as lavishly decorated. This was apparently stripped out when Mehran took over the site. Interestingly, they might not have snagged the fixtures, yet they did have some of the glasses because George was served a beer in a Bravo logoed glass.

Everyone was pleased to see very reasonable prices. The entrees ranged from $7-10, but they did not include any sides. A couple of clusters of our group decided to go family style and share some dishes. This worked out well for them as one group's individual cost came to only $10 each. They were very happy.

Veena highly recommended the Chalpi kabob appetizer. You automatically think kabob comes on a stick, but this did not. It was a spiced ground meat patty served with some veggies and then, of course, you had chutneys on the side to add. This was very spicy and delicious and I was glad Veena recommended it.

Veena and I shared so that she could use her Entertainment coupon. I ordered some garlic naan and then we ordered a mutton chop masala and karahi chicken. Both were excellent, but the mutton chops in particular were tender and their dark, thick sauce was fabulous with chunks of veggie and exploding with flavor. Veena explained that karahi is a kind of wok and so that dish was an Indian stirfry. It was also excellent.

Clint made a technical mistake because he ordered chicken tikka, thinking he was getting chicken tikka masala. Turns out tikka means barbecue and so he just got the barbecued chicken breast (topmost pic) and not the sauce (masala). It was still good and we gave him some of our sauces from our dishes to add to his rice.

We were all too stuffed to even think about dessert. Besides, Veena has some homemade kheer waiting for us at my house. I can see why she enjoys Mehran. The price was low and the food was high - in quality. I look forward to going back.