Napoleon Comparison

Summer is the best time to eat Napoleons and as summer draws to an end, I've been filling up. Here is a comparison of the three best Napoleons in the area.

Tower Cafe has the winner for me because of what you get for the cost. They have Napoleons all year long, but in the summer they are filled with berries! In the fall berries will give way to spiced apples or something else and it just isn't the same. The pastry is a good size for the price of $4.25 and is generous in the amount of berries and cream and the puff pastry is light and flaky. I like that it is divided into thirds instead of just halves.

The Napoleon at Davis' Little Prague is without berries. They call the one with berries the Josephine, but for our purposes that's the comparison I'm using. This is a monster slice of pasty with a monster price of $5.75. I'd say the higher price probably comes because they have the bottom layer of pastry cream and the upper layer with whipping cream. They are less generous with the berries, but you were definitely satisfied with extra creaminess of the pastry cream layer.

I didn't take a picture of the Napoleon I got at Ettore's. For $3.75 it was the smallest of the three. This one had the best Bavarian cream filling. It was super rich, creamy, decadent. But the puff pastry was tough and difficult to cut through. Very few berries as well.

Really, I can't complain much. I'm so happy that I can find Napoleons so abundant and especially thrilled that Tower's is just a couple blocks away.