Acatenango, Guatemala

As I mentioned in my Feb. 13th post, Ronnie has retired to the village of Acatenango and is the only gringo there. The town is in the valley at the bottom of Acatenango volcano. The valley grows coffee for Starbucks primarily.

Ronnie is renting this large house and lives in one room. The corner room with the doors out is now the panaderia (bread bakery) and will also be a small restaurant in the future. Another room is a doctor's office where a pediatrician will visit once a week for the Mayan children. Another doctor is possibly going to share that office and rent a room.

Here is a view in the atrium courtyard of the home after we had added some Valentine decoration.

Luckily there was a fountain because there were quite a few days when the town's water was shut off and we needed to get buckets out of the fountain to flush the toilets.

This is the brand new municipal building in the center of town. Note the half done street at the bottom of the picture.

The villages and towns mostly pave their roads with these bricks instead of using asphalt. Seems pretty time consuming to me, but perhaps they last longer.

A typical street view.

The church is in the center of town across the plaza from the municipal building. This is also the area of the market where people sell their produce, etc.

This is a typical village pila, where the women gather to wash their clothes by hand.

The cemetaries are very colorful.