Antigua Pictures

I gave some information about Antigua in my Feb. 13th post. It is the tourist city for Guatemala and is beautiful and quaint. The picture above is the central plaza. The building below is on one side of the park.

This church is along another side of the park.

There are many ruins because the nearby volcano wiped out the town a couple hundred years ago. So many churches and other buildings had to be rebuilt.

One of the city's main pilas (washing fountains).

The volcano that caused all the damage.

More churches.

The mercado is huge. There is produce that is spread out on blankets or in baskets. There was an entire section devoted to artisans and where we bought most of our souvenirs.

Dean was fascinated by how much women could carry on their heads.

This is the bus 'station'. These buses go to all the surrounding towns. The driver's drive like complete idiots because they try to get as many fares as possible and to go as fast as they can. One day we were on the freeway in the mountains (curvy) and a bus blasted by us in a construction zone, saw a fare, and came to a screeching halt in front of us! Last year a bus crashed on the way to Ronnie's village and nine people were killed. You also risk being robbed. The week we were in the village one of the daily commuter buses was held up.

Below is a tut-tut. These little moto-cabs are the cheap taxis around towns.

A picture of a pretty entrance to a hotel courtyard. Many old buildings are converted into cheap hotels. This one was probably about $15/night, but you can find clean ones for as low as $5 if you are willing to share a bathroom.