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Food Network chef Guy Fierri has two restaurants in the Sacramento area. His first, Tex Wasabi, has gotten such mixed to bad reviews that I've never bothered to go and try it. His newest is Johnny Garlic's in Roseville. I figured I'd go and check that one out. After all, Garlic in the name is pretty enticing.

The restaurant itself is not that big. It is very open and has no real decor. Just a busy, new place. I had tried to reserve for a large party and was told they could not accomodate me because they already had too many for that day. So be aware to book well ahead if you want a larger table for a group.

The menu has icon's next to any item that is Guy's own recipe. Oooooooo. I immediately noticed that his Cuban Pork Chops were on it. I loved the recipe when I made it at home, so I would hope that the restaurant's version is just as good. But I wanted to try something different. I opted for the Gaucho Steak - Tequila, lime, lemon, spices, and fresh herb marinated flank steak, topped with a chimichuri sauce. It was served with rosemary garlic mashed potatoes and veggies. It was good, not fantastic. I was under the impression that the dishes would be very garlicy. Not so.

My friend ordered the pork chop special of the night. It came with a mushroom sauce. Again, nothing special. And the people who have reviewed on also seem to rate it as mediocre.

One really shouldn't review a restaurant on just one dish. So I'm not gonna say "don't go". I will probably try it again, but it will probably be a while since it is really far from me.