Hunt the Grid Scavenger Hunt on 2nd Sat.

Yesterday my Meetup group participated in the first Hunt the Grid scavenger hunt. It was sponsored by New Belgium beers, the Bicycle Kitchen, and the Midtown Grid.

I would say there were about 35 teams that could be 2, 3, or 4 people each. We were a group of four. They had four sets of clues that had about seven clues per set. We rode all over down town collecting items from different midtown businesses.

We had a great time but have some recommendations for next year. After all, the first year is the year you work out logistics and iron out kinks.

First, they need to have beverage/water stations at the end of each clue set. Running around town was hot and we were dying for something to drink.

Second, the clue sets should all be within a six block or so area. We were getting clue sets that had one clue all the way at the Crocker and another clue on 21st St.

Third, they need to give more time. They gave us an hour and a half and everyone we talked to only got through three clue sets.

Lastly, the end needs to be more organized. You had to go back to the Bicycle Kitchen and they served beer and refreshments. But it was so disorganized at the end and took so long to tally that most people just left and forgot all about finding out how they did and getting the prizes. We have no clue where we ranked. Did we win anything? Dunno.

I look forward to participating again next year. It was held on Second Saturday, so afterward we strolled the streets and had dinner at Aioli's. Come join the fun next year.