Shortcuts Don't Pay and a New Favorite

Shortcuts often don't work out in gourmet cooking. Such was the case with a recipe I made today of a Thai corn chowder. So...I won't be critiquing the corn chowder recipe because I don't feel I did it justice by using shortcuts and now want to make it again the proper way.

You see, I shortcutted by not using fresh ginger or lemongrass. Instead, I used the pastes of each that come in the tubes at the produce section. That might have been OK but that after I finished everything I checked the expiration dates on the tubes and then were LONG past. So let's just say the flavor I was wanting just wasn't there. Silly, considering I have an awesome Asian market a block from my house and I was in there TWICE today! Sheesh!

So, although it was good, the chowder wasn't great. Not like I think it could be with fresh ingredients. So I will make it again.

I do want to share my new favorite Pampered Chef tool. Each season they come out with something that I'm not all that thrilled about until I start using it. Then I just LOVE it.

This season it is our Kernel Cutter for taking corn off the cob. It works great!

This is definitely a must if you like to use fresh corn in recipes or if you have someone who cannot eat corn on the cob - like kids with braces. I've used it quite a few times this season. And it is way safer than using a knife to slice off the kernels. It is only $7.50. Let me know if you want one. I have an order going in soon.