Island Treasures - Rum Cakes

I had a nice surprise this week when I was handed a box by the UPS guy. Inside was a bunch of rum cake!

One of the exhibitors that we met at the Fancy Food Show was Island Treasure Gourmet who make a variety of rum cakes. They make Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut, Banana, Raspberry and Cinnamon Pecan Streusel cakes. Wow!

I might not drink alcohol, but I will happily put it in any baked good and have it baked out. The beauty of alcohol in baked goods is that it keeps them nice and moist and extends their shelf life considerably. I'm not sure of the science for it and so I would be interested to know just how long it will extend the shelf life for. Anyway, for these cakes they use Whaler’s Original Rum which apparently is from a Hawaiian recipe.

I took the bundt cake to a Superbowl party for everyone to enjoy. There is no doubt what you are getting when you cut into these cakes. They are sticky moist with rum syrup, so much so that you almost expect a pool of rum to settle on the cake plate. They are delicious, especially if you add some fruit or other accompaniments.

Island Treasure is not sold in stores in California, so you have to order by phone or online. For those on the east coast, there are a list of stores where you can find them here.

I want to thank Island Treasures for their generosity. We really love your cakes!