Roli Roti: Pork - etta!

My favorite meat is pork. Chicken is just OK and same with beef. But pork? You have to really overcook it to spoil a pork dish for me. I love the flavor of the meat and the fat just adds more flavor and moisture.

Last October I was at the San Francisco Ferry Building farmers market and saw a long line and smelled a wonderful smell. I followed the line and my nose to the end and found one of those gourmet food trucks with rotisseries twirling. They skewered rows of whole chickens and pork rolls and then racks filled with roasting pig knuckles. Best of all, at the bottom of each huge rotisserie were piles of quartered potatoes that were being roasted while also collecting the delicious, fatty, flavorful drippings from the meats above. Mouthwatering!

Unfortunately I couldn't get one then and so I've been craving for six months. This weekend I had hiked the Golden Gate to Sausalito and took the ferry back to the Ferry Building. We got off the boat and headed directly for the Roli Roti line. Just in time! It was about 1:00 and they were on their last pork roll. They came down the line and counted off people for the last that they would be able to make. Thank goodness we made it within the count! By the way, if you want chicken, there is an express line. It's the porchetta sandwiches that creates the huge line.

I highly recommend that you watch the video over on video. This site features gourmet food trucks and this video shows how the pork roll is prepared in their commissary before it gets skewered. Basically they take a pig torso, debone it, fill it with a special blend of spices, and then roll it up tight.

The porchetta sandwiches are made with sliced Italian rolls that sop up some of the grease from the slicing table. The pork roll is sliced and then topped with some crunchy bits of roasted pig skin. Then they sprinkle with sea salt, add some fresh, organic herbs, and an onion jam.

The end result? Pork lovers' heaven. There is so much flavor from the herbs roasted inside the pork roll, the herbs and onion jam added to the sandwich, and the sprinkle of sea salt. The meat, of course, is awesome.