A Matter of Self Image

I know what vanity is, but for the sake of this post I wanted the true definition, which is: "Excessive pride in one's appearance or accomplishments; conceit". Therefore, I would not consider myself to be an example of it. After all, I often go to the grocery or drug store sans shower, makeup and in sweats. Hell, I've even gone in my scrubs that I wore as pajamas and was to lazy to change out of. This compared to some of my friends who won't leave the house without full makeup.

I realized that what I'm getting done is not due to vanity, it is due to self image or self perception.  You see, starting tomorrow and over the next couple of months, you will be reading about my getting laser liposuction done.

Yikes! My ears are ringing! I'm hearing all the people who have met me saying out loud, "What the hell? She doesn't need lipo!" But that's where self image comes in. You do these things for yourself, not for everyone else.

I'll get into my why and how shortly. First I want to discuss that issue of self-image. How do you see yourself? The anorexic or bulemic sees themselves as too fat when they look in the mirror. The rest of us see skin and bones. A person sees their own big nose, yet I find it's what gives you character and makes you attractive.

There's also those with misconceived ideas of physical attributes. Mainly, big breasts will make me more attractive to men. We all realize that all they do is increase lust, not attraction. Getting to know you as a person is what will make you attrative or not. If you're a bitch, triple D's aren't going to help you.

It's what you see in the mirror and how you feel about yourself that matters. If you don't like what you see, you can make yourself miserable.

I'll admit that when I look into the mirror I am pretty damn pleased with what God (and mom and dad) gave me. And that last sentence is admittedly vain. I'm thankful that I got my mom's Filipino tanning skin versus my dad's British burning skin. That my mom's flat nose was countered by my dad's bigger nose to give me the right sized nose.

So why the lipo? Because I grew up well into my 20's thin. Like this. And even though I understand that age means added weight, I'm not happy that it all goes to my middle. You see, it's true - women become like their mothers. My mother was small as can be and yet she had a Buddha belly. All her added weight went to her round, little belly. So while you look at me and see thin extremities, you don't see that most of my weight is in my midsection. I've hid it well or covered it in Spanx.

I do exercise. I go to spin class at least three times a week and do weights the same. But as much as you tone up your muscles, the fat is still there.

It's funny what you remember from school. I vividly remember the day Ms. Zimmer explained in biology class that a fat cell never disappears. It only inflates and deflates. I'm getting rid of those fat cells the only guaranteed way there is - removing them.

As to the how? My first article tomorrow will go into why I chose the clinic I did and the pre-op stuff. But I must issue the required FCC disclaimer and explain to you that I asked them if they would give me a deal in exchange for my detailed blog accounts. Much to my shock, they agreed. I really didn't think they would and so when they agreed it became a case of - you can't pass this once in a lifetime opportunity up! They get some publicity, which they are free to use in their own marketing campaigns, while I get a super deal. The only catch for me - it's public! You all know about it! Yikes!

So that's it. You'll be reading about how I chose them, the pre-op appointment, the surgery day itself, the recovery, the follow-up appointments, and the final results. I just ask that you read them as informative articles and don't embarass me too much when you see me next.