Lewis & Clark College - Alma Mater

I went to college at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. It's a small, private college and also has a law school. The campus is the former property of the Frank family. In Oregon the equivalent to Macy's was Meier & Frank department stores - same Frank family.  LC is also now known as the college that Monica Lewinsky attended before meeting President Clinton in the White House and staining her blue dress.

The mansion is now the Admissions department and has the office of the President. If you go around to the back, it is laid out down the hill with rose garden, reflecting pond, swimming pool, ending at a flag pole that is positioned so that it goes right up the center of Mt. Hood in the distance. Unfortunately it wasn't a clear enough day to see it in the picture below.

Some of the roads are still cobblestoned. The cobbles came from some of the ships that used them as ballast when they came to the Northwest. They would unload the cobbles and then load up with lumber for their journey back.

The old buildings are now classrooms. For instance, my art classes took place in the old gardening building and greenhouse. My communications classes took place in the old garage/stables area.

This is my dorm where I was a very bad Resident Assistant my junior year. But I did have a really cool loft bed for my single room that my dad built for me.

Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon.Image via Wikipedia
Entrance to the library.

Anyway, if you are looking for a small liberal arts college, LC is lovely and very good. I certainly spent the most fun years of my life there.