Portland Food Carts

Readers of this blog know that I have a real interest in the gourmet food truck trend and the lack of them in Sacramento due to City ordinances. Well this weekend I was up in Portland hoping to find some of their over 400+ food truck/vendors and try them out.

Unfortunately, it seems that most of them only operate Monday thru Friday in the downtown area. I found plenty, but almost all of them were closed.

That topmost picture shows one block that had 22 of these vendors!!!

There were some vendors that were open along the river and by the Saturday Market. I opted for two. This one is where I got a pork and cheese pupusa.

Here she is making my pupusa and below is my plate. Delicious and only $5. It's the size of a dessert plate.

I also got a chicken sambusa from this cart and it was $2.

What I did notice was that most of the vendors were parked in parking lots. So they must be paying a small lease for the space from the lot owner versus being on the actual city street.

Anyway, if you haven't already, please write to the City Councilpeople. We are missing out on a lot of great food possibilities and the biggest food trend in the country. And please read my article - Sacramento Needs to Embrace Street Food.