Things To Do Before I Die

I have a Things To Do Before I Die list. I've had it for years and long before the movie The Bucket List came out. Some things have always been on the list. Some things get added on as I think of or do them. Here is my list so far.

swam with dolphins
half marathon
met Russell Crowe
was in a movie as an extra, even if you can't see me

glider ride
saw the Queen of England
toured Italy - Rome, Florence, Pompeii
cliff dive -  5 stories high, Australian Blue Mountains
was on the Great Wall of China (friends know the real story)

To Do
visit Machu Picchu
Angkor Wat
Greek Isles
Egyptian pyramids
Rio de Janiero - Carnival
New Orleans - Mardi Gras
(notice a theme here? I like travel)
 balloon ride
volunteer work in 3rd world country
ride a camel (never did while living in Saudi)
learn to fly

It's a dynamic, ever changing list. Everyone should have such a list. Many times I think about the fact that I don't want to end life saying "what would have happened if..." or "I should have done...". Oh, I still chicken out on some things. I have absolutely no interest in bungee jumping or scuba diving. (The latter is due a traumatic childhood water incident.)

What things are on your list? How many have you done? Do you have something cool to add to my list?