What's Your Favorite Panini?

What is your favorite type of panini? I love fontina cheese with prosciutto and caramelized onions. Actually, I pretty much like any sandwich that has cheese and is grilled so that the cheese is nice and melty.

This week I went to the farmers market and found figs. It's not a good idea, wallet-wise, to build a meal around one item when you then have to go and buy all the other ingredients. But I couldn't resist. Off I went to get goat cheese, prosciutto, and some artisan bread.

At home I sliced the bread and spread the goat cheese on one side. Then I took the figs and mashed them up so I could spread them on the other side. Drizzle on a little balsamic vinegar. Add some slices of prosciutto and grill. I use my George Forman. I didn't use butter on the outside and so that's why it isn't grilled very dark in the picture. Besides, I was impatient.

If you like this combo, you'd probably like the same combo in the pizza I made here.