Meet Your Maker at Grange

I was lucky enough to attend a special event at The Citizen Hotel today called Meet Your Maker. Chef Michael Tuohy of the Grange is famous for being a locavore and into sustainability. Here was an event to showcase the suppliers who provide all the wonderful meats, seafoods, produce, etc.

Watanabe tomatoes

Represented were Riverdog Farm, Del Rio Botanicals, Watanabe Farm, North Valley Farm, Capay Organics, Vierra Farm, Katz & Co., Port Seafood, Del Monte Meats, Niman Ranches, Produce Express, Matchbook Winery, Tito's Vodka, and Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

Port Seafood oysters

It took place on the 7th floor terrace, a lovely tented space overlooking Caesar Chavez Park. A lovely touch was that they used biodegradable, sustainable cutlery and dishware made from potato starch and palm leaves.

Vierra Farm frying squash blossoms
I was able to talk to several of the suppliers and learn about their different goods. I was happy to see my friend Heidi Watanabe there. I did a Pampered Chef show for her about 10 years ago and I always buy my heirloom tomatoes from her at the farmers market. I also talked to gentlemen from Niman Ranch, Del Monte Meats, and Port Seafood.

It didn't hurt that there was some good food to nibble on too. I had to have a fried squash blossom from Vierra Farm since Chef Tuohy buys his blossoms every week on the Follow the Chef tours.

All in all a very nice event.