Bella's Confections

Recently I won a Facebook contest with Savor California. Their site features gourmet specialty foods from around California. On their Facebook page they do a weekly contest and if you win, you get a shipment from that featured contest company. I happened to win the week of Bella's Confections

Bella's is actually made close by in Yuba City. They offer an assortment of cookies, jams and jellies, and toffee. But their signature item is their fudge, based on Grandma's recipes. Interesting (and important to note) is that the company actually shuts down during the hot summer months, so their website says they are closed until mid September.

Each fudge comes in a nice tin and each tin contains a convenient plastic knife (seen above) to cut the fudge. I did find it difficult to get out of the plastic liner/container that it was set into.  I received the Dark Chocolate with Walnuts, the Classic Plain, and Vanilla Caramel Pecan.

I like nuts with my chocolate, so I liked the Dark Chocolate with Walnuts.  There were just enough, not too much or too little. The dark fudge was rich and balanced by the nuts.

The Classic was plain fudge with a chocolate frosting on top. It was good, but to me putting a frosting on top of a fudge is unnecessary since the point is to enjoy the decadence of fudge. I figured the only real purpose to it is to make a prettier 'finish' to it.

My favorite, though, was the Vanilla Caramel Pecan. It is a white chocolate fudge with a central ribbon of the caramel pecan. Soft and creamy, with a gooey drizzle of the caramel. I did not share this one.

Their Fudge Infusion line combines the fudge with their crumbled cookies. Yum. And as a toffee lover, I'd love to try their toffee sometime. Their jam/jelly line includes a pumpkin butter and a sugar free line.

Locally Bella's can be bought at Ikeda's and at Rainbow Glass as well as these other locations