Laser Lipo - Four Months Out

I thought I would do a quick update on how my recovery from laser lipo is going. I still have some lumps in my abdomen that I am having to deal with. I went for a check-up and they say that I'm not drinking enough water to flush the material out of my system. It is going down now. I guess I will be one of those that takes the full six months for my final results. 

I'm still not willing to share a photo, but here is a drawing I  made demonstrating the before and after. Before, I had muffin top and so I always wore my shirts untucked. Yes, it looked like I had a waist, but it was high up. Now I can tuck in my shirts because all that muffin top is gone. Yay! My waist is back down where it is supposed to be!  

So now all I need is for the last bit of front, abdomen stuff to whittle away. And even if it doesn't, I'm satisfied with my results.