Loving Latisse

not mine, but similar

When I was 12 or 13 I went on an extended summer trip of the Eastern United States with a group of other 'gifted' children. This was a big deal considering that at the time I still lived in Saudi Arabia. This meant a two-month vacation traveling with our teacher and being away from my family.

Ah, puberty. It was during this trip that we girls started shaving. There probably wasn't too much to shave at that point, but it was a right of passage that began on that trip.

Upon returning home I now had a shaver amongst my bathroom toiletries. One day my father discovered it - how I'm not sure since I had a separate bathroom where my father never ventured. Anyway, my father came to lecture me about not thinking that I had any reason to be shaving. After all, I had most of my mother's Filipina traits in that I really had hardly any body hair. He didn't forbid me or stop me, but I still remember the talk.

 The thing is, he was right in some regards. I hardly have any hair on my arms and legs. But as we all know in our American culture, women still shave under their arms and sometimes in the nether regions. My point is, though, that this lack of body hair includes around my eyes. My eyebrows are light and my eyelashes are practically nonexistent.

My eyelashes have been such a nonentity that, except for special occasions, I've never bothered with mascara. It also meant that with no lashes, my eyes had no definition and, without makeup, are hardly noticeable. As far as makeup is concerned, some women can't live without mascara. For me, I couldn't live without eyeliner. That's why I got eyeliner tattooed on my eyes about 12 years ago - to define my eyes.

I had always been intrigued by the commercials for Latisse - the glaucoma drug that had been found to grow eyelashes. Last year I saw it displayed at Physician's Skin & Weight Centers. My girlfriend, who had taken me to my lipo appointment, bought some and, sure enough, she was raving about her results two months later. Having some extra cash to spare over the summer, I decided to get it too.

Now I know you want pictures and I did try taking them. But getting close up enough to see details with eyelashes requires special lenses and better quality picture taking then I am capable of. All I can say is that I finally have lashes that people can see! I am loving Latisse. I do wear mascara now. And just today I was questioned whether they were my real lashes.

My lashes started out sparse, short and thin. The Latisse has made them longer and thicker, but not more of them (unfortunately). Still, I now have lashes I am proud to show off with a couple of coats of emphasizing mascara.

Latisse is not cheap - about $100 for a one-month supply. But the truth is that one-month bottle actually lasts longer than that. They say to use a separate little brush for each eye to avoid contamination, but I just use one brush for both eyes to make the stuff stretch.  You apply it every day the first month, then every other day after that. You maximize length, the literature says, at 12 weeks. I now only apply it twice a week.

Latisse is an investment and once you start, it means maintaining and continuing to shell out the $$. But if you've ever dreamed of having longer lashes or been jealous of people who have twice as many and twice as long as you do, then you might want to give it a try. After all, it's certainly one of the simpler cosmetic alterations you can do. And I believe you'll end up loving Latisse too.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any discounts or samples of Latisse.