Fuzion Eatz Hits the Streetz

Over the last couple of months we got some new food trucks on the streets of Sacramento. One of them is Fuzion Eatz, which started out in the county last July and hit the City of Sacramento streets around Christmas.

Business partners Jeremy Lopez and Nathan Sawyer see the truck as the road to one or more brick and mortar restaurants. Like many truck owners nationwide, they use the trucks to build brand recognition and customer loyalty before getting into an actual physical location. Sawyer and Lopez decided that they wanted to go with a fusion idea where they could mix flavors and foods together. 

It was at SactoMoFo3 that I first tried their food. The truck serves a selection of gyros and a couple of burgers on their standard menu.

That day I had their Cry Baby burger - Five ounces of Ground Angus Beef infused with Pickled Jalapenos, topped with Pepper Jack Cheese, Beer Battered onion Rings, a Japapeno Popper and Cucumber Salsa, served on a toasted Bacon Ranch Terela Roll. I was a bit concerned due to the name of the burger, but it wasn't a big deal. It had a nice kick, but wasn't out of control. If you want to cry, I suggest squirting on some Srirachi sauce.  But I really liked it because I could eat it and enjoy it. Be warned though, their burgers are messy!

This was evident when this week I tried the Rosemary's Baby burger with my friend, Jeremy. Now a good handmade burger is not over-manipulated. When you form hamburger patties you are supposed to have a light hand. That's so with the burgers from Fuzion, perhaps a little too light handed. The burgers are messy because they do tend to fall apart.  

The Rosemary's Baby burger  is Five ounces of Ground Angus Beef infuzed with Rosemary and Feta Cheese, topped with Whiskey Grilled Onions, Tomatoes, Lettuce and a Waffle Fry, served on a Bacon Ranch Telera Roll. You know how your sense of taste and smell are closely connected? Some people have no taste because they've lost their sense of smell. Well they both come into play in a big way with this burger. As I bent over to take my bite, my olfactory senses were overcome by the aroma/taste of the rosemary. You need to like rosemary for this burger. But rest assured, if you are a fan of rosemary you will love this burger! Jeremy's first bite overwhelmed him. He found it overpowering. Yet as he continued to eat it he said that it mellowed out so that by then end he liked it.

This week I got around to trying one of the gyros. This is where you will really see the fusion idea. They are making Greek gyros but using Indian Naan bread and then filling it with the standard sliced lamb, but with varying accoutrements.  I had the Pancho Villa -
 topped with Cucumber Salsa (Red Onions, Tomatoes, Cilantro & Cucumbers) Pickled Jalapenos and a Guacamole & Lime Tzatziki sauce. Another variation is their Outlaw -  topped with Pepper Jack Cheese, Cilantro & Lime Black Beans, Beer Battered Onion Rings and a BBQ & Horseradish Tzatziki sauce.

I liked it, but my only suggestion would be more meat. I ran out of meat before I ran out of bread and lettuce. My favorite part of it was the super fresh, soft naan. It was a great exchange for pita bread. 

Lopez says they are working to get a gyro rotisserie loaded onto the truck. I would also love to see them use actual chunks of lamb meat versus the rotisserie versions. Hopefully that will happen as they roll forward into the future.