Sacramento Food Truck Ordinance Update

Ms. Munchie just got off the phone with the City and is allowed to share some (though just a little) news!

First, put March 20th on your calendar as the date for the City's Law & Legislation Committee to take a first look at the proposed ordinance changes. Things can always change, though, as we learned last November when we got postponed. For now, that's the latest agendized date.

Looking back at older posts, I see that I never really shared some of the trucks' wishlist of changes. Here are a few: be allowed to park at meters for the posted time allotment of that meter, be allowed late night vending (for the bar scene), be allowed to park on private property with owner's permission, be allowed to park at the public parks, and a few more.

I was given the opportunity to take a peek at the proposed changes and can tell you that there is a definite compromise. Will the trucks get all they want? Of course not. But they do get some of the items. If you think of this in terms of progress and steps, then this is a good first step. 

If you've read my article Mobile Food Pods Revitalize Neighborhoods, then you know that I think that allowing some private property lots is a good idea. The City isn't ready for that, not yet. Apparently they looked at the Portland model and found that it wouldn't jive with California State laws. This will have to be tabled for a while, but I still have hopes for it one day. 

So I know you are going - this post doesn't really have any news at all! The news is: March 20th is the next date to pay attention to and that some changes in favor of the trucks are coming. Not much news (that I can share), but at least things are moving along!