Coast to Coast Sandwiches

What do you consider to be an All American Sandwich? Burgers don't count. Those from Philadelphia would argue for a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Their neighbors farther north might say it's the classic New York pastrami. Down in Louisiana, they'll fight for their po-boys. All of these can be found on the Coast to Coast truck now serving Sacramento. Their logo even depicts their nationwide theme - the Golden Gate Bridge connection to the Brooklyn Bridge.

All of the above mentioned sandwiches can be found on the regular menu and all cost $7. The truck also offers two sides: bacon mac n cheese and sweet potato fries. A combo meal with a sandwich, side, and drink is $10.

I finally got a chance to try their sandwiches over the course of a couple of weeks. First up, the shrimp po-boy. Coast to Coast offers the po-boy with either the shrimp or catfish. Wonder when they'll offer alligator. Anyway, there was a generous amount of medium sized shrimp that had a cornmeal coating and were nicely deep fried. They were drained properly so that the coating was crisp and the shrimp perfectly cooked - no greasiness. They sat on top of a freshly toasted roll with lettuce, tomato, and some spicy mayo. I wanted to have some extra kick, so I grabbed a small container of the spicy ketchup to add to it. The spicy mayo really isn't spicy - it's mild. Overall, a good sandwich.

The next week I wanted to try their Reuben. I love a good Reuben and find that it requires the proper balance of meat to cheese to sauerkraut. It's also got to come on nicely grilled bread and the contents need to be hot. I hate getting a grilled sandwich with cold insides! Not to worry at Coast to Coast. Their Reuben had nicely grilled pastrami that was added to the sandwich. It was not too much, and not too little. The balance of meat, cheese, and kraut was just right in my book. I often ask for extra Thousand Island on the side, but didn't need it here. My only comment was I would have liked the bread grilled more than the light toasting it was. But the marble rye certainly is an attractive bread choice.

I also ordered the bacon mac n cheese which had been unavailable the week before. A standard mac n cheese with bits of chopped bacon on top. I found the mac n cheese a bit bland and suggested that a hit of cayenne pepper would brighten it up a bit.

I asked about their American theme because I would really love to see them add a Vietnamese banh mi. I was told that they would probably add World sandwiches as specials and so the banh mi would definitely make an appearance. Honestly, banh mis should be on regular menus because I can rarely turn down the opportunity to eat one when it is offered on a sandwiches-only menu.

If you are a sandwich lover, seek them out. You can track all the trucks on the Sac Food Truck Tracker.