About a Bite - An Answer to Your Mother's Day Needs

I had my six month teeth cleaning last week and arrived home to find something my dental hygienist would not have wanted me to eat right after - a gift bag of treats! I got a lovely bag of samples left for me from About a Bite, an online order bakery. I couldn't resist tasting these treats as I soon discovered I liked them enough to suggest them to anyone who needs to send goodies to someone long distance. Mother's Day and Father's Day are here and maybe your mom or dad is in another state or in the service. About a Bite treats would be a welcome delivery.

About a Bite is based in Gold River where owner Jennifer Kaye makes them in a commercial kitchen. She does not have a storefront. Jennifer always wanted to try bites of several desserts when she was out dining and decided to take that concept and turn it into a business. All of her offerings are bite sized morsels. That's great for those who have portion control - I don't. But I still loved that these were bite sized offerings.

The line-up includes three categories, Bites, Bars, and Between 2 Cookies, with different flavors in each category.

The bars are simple enough - bar cookies cut into bite sized portions. I was sent the Chocolate Caramel Oat Bar and the Toffee Bar. Both were great, but I really liked the oat bar with the chewiness of the oatmeal.

The bites are fun little takes on truffles or chocolates. Small baked bits covered in chocolate. Jennifer sent me the Salted Caramel and the Mocha Crunch. The mocha was lightly noticeable, not too strong. I did make a suggestion that she get a crunchier, larger crystal salt for the Salted Caramel since the granular salt was lost on amongst the cookie crunch and the chewy caramel.

Finally she has Between 2 Cookies which are tiny cookie sandwiches. I received the LLLemon, Ginger Molasses, and the Fleur de Sel Chocolate Chip. If you like ginger, you'll love the Ginger Molasses. I found it a bit too strong for my tastebuds. My favorite was the LLLemon because it was full of lemon flavor, chewy, and I loved the large sugar crystals it was rolled in to give a crunchy contrast to the chewy cookies. Each of these cookies is about the diameter of a silver dollar.

I definitely have a sweet tooth and love to bake, but there is a reason I could never open a bakery or bake professionally for others - I don't have the patience for detail! I'm often eating something before it's even cooled. Jennifer apparently has a lot of patience and attention to detail because each of the packages I received was perfect in size, cut, appearance. The  packages themselves were nicely put together with ribbons and label cards. I was impressed.

When a blogger receives free samples they are not required to write about them. Many bloggers refuse to participate in such exchanges. I only write about products that I really do like. About a Bite impressed me and, because they are local, I wanted to share them with you in case you are looking for something nice, sweet, and that will make an excellent item shipped anywhere to your loved one(s).

An early Happy Mother's Day to all the moms.

Disclosure: Free samples were received of all of the items mentioned.